Work with the Moon

✨ Having the power to manifest your goals
✨ Increasing your intuition
✨ And having a deeper connection with nature, feeling in sync with the rhythm of the Universe

Work With The Moon Subscription

What is it?

For $11 a month

you'll receive TWO custom digital download booklets at the full and new moons filled with...

- Fun and practical rituals and tools to help you align the energies of the Moon and bring your goals and desires closer to fruition

- Insightful questions

- Current astrological info and how to work with it

- Flower essences to increase your vibration

- A card spread for clarification in your life

- Suggested Crystals to supercharge your work

How Easy is it?

2 days before the moon phase

You will get an email with the link for the digital download for the booklet

Login to download the digital workbook

We make the digital workbook fillable so you can keep it digital, OR you can print it out and work with a physical copy. We recommend using pen and paper but we also understand you may not have a printer. Do what's best for you

Give yourself some time 

To go through the booklet. You can spend as little or as much time as you want. We created it so it can be your entire moon ritual or an amplify to what you are already doing.

Breakdown of the Booklets

1-2 pages

Tells you which sign the moon is in, what energies are ignited, and how to work with it.

3-4 pages

Delve into the Moon Magick giving you some fantastic reflective questions.

5-6 pages

If you want to supercharge your moon practice these pages give you excellent suggestions. Things like a particular tea and which herbs to use, essential oils, crystals, and a card spread. 

7-8 pages

These pages offer an awesome manifestation practice and some fun facts if you are one that loves to ask the question "Why??" 

9-10 pages

If you want to do a deep dive into understanding astrology the luminary learners page will keep you interested. If not, it's all good, just move right into the releasing and intentions page 

What is a Ritual?

Who is Behind Work with the Moon?

Meet the creators:

Christina Jenkins

Christina is a spiritual maverick. She's the founder of the Toe Reading Academy and the creator of the Dark Moon Goddess Circle and Embody Your Essence Brand.
She is an international speaker, Reiki Master (Usui & Karuna), Feng Shui Practitioner, Medicine Woman, and Biz & Branding coach.
Christina is the mother of four Amazing Humans, an African Grey Parrot, and a Sphynx Cat. Christina is also a nationally recognized musician and music educator and holds a Master's Degree in business from HEC Paris. 

April Millar

April is an Astrologer, certified card reader, Toe Reader, abundance mentor, AND an expert chocolate chip cookie eater.
She spent a decade as a doula and childbirth educator, Additionally birthing 5 amazing children of her own, all from the comfort of her own home.
She loves using astrology in child rearing and she is quickly becoming a specialist in parenting with astrology. 

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